A snorkel, mask and swim fins are the most common components of snorkel gear. Is all this gear necessary? The key to enjoying your vacation activities is having the right equipment. But, too much or unneeded equipment can lead to problems. Extra gear can eat up valuable luggage space. Your suitcase may be heavier than the airlines allow […]
According to the latest jobs report, 80,000 jobs were created in October. Although this is good news, we still have a 9.0% unemployment rate. There are many job opportunities available depending on the Job Board. The question is how can you navigate the Job Market. You used to have to submit your resume and wait for a […]
Executive coaching services can be very beneficial for business leaders and senior executives, as they help them to meet changing business conditions and respond to new business demands. Although “executive coaching” is well-established and popular in developed countries, it’s still very new in the Middle East. The development of this professional service may be hindered […]
Public speakers are often expected to communicate a message to a specific audience in a way that achieves the intended purpose. This has always been a topic of debate. Public speaking must be an art form. Speakers need to make conscious efforts to become highly effective public speakers. Communication is more than just about passing […]
The answer to this question is clearly yes. Otherwise, it would be very brief. We all intuitively know we can improve our speaking skills and communicate better in front of others. However, we also recognize that not everyone does it naturally. This is the classic nature vs. nurture argument. While I was on my way […]
Over forty years of professional involvement in almost all aspects of leading, including identifying and qualifying leaders and training them, developing and consulting thousands of potential leaders. Arif Bhalwani Third Eye Capital also have served as a leader personally many times. Many people, even though they have the best intentions, waste valuable time and miss […]
It may seem easy to lead a team. It can be very difficult. You have to deal not only with the scrutiny of your boss or peers about how you perform, but also with the diverse personalities and characters within the team. These pressures can make it easy to give up and become a poor […]
Success in any company just like Third Eye Capital Ninepoint starts at the top. If the captain steers off-course on a ship, it doesn’t matter how competent the rest of his crew are. But it can be hard to find and keep good leaders. Companies have discovered that it is easier for potential employees to […]
A Canada Natural Gas heater uses a petroleum gas energy source. This energy source provides us with a reliable, cost-effective source of heat and is also energy-efficient. Natural gas remains affordable and can be used to heat your home for a variety of purposes. There may be many options that provide heat in your area, even […]
Some people choose to be leaders only, but it is obvious that the traits and mindsets they use to lead themselves can also be used to guide others. These traits will help you to be a successful leader in business. A planner is the George Scorsis Florida.Leaders are naturally born planners. People who lead others […]
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